In Ferment: Hand-Thrown, Ceramic, Water-Seal Fermenting Crocks

Culture begins at the farm, not in the opera house, and binds a people to a land and its artisans… How ironic that the road to culture in our germophobic technological society requires, first and foremost, that we enter into an alchemical relationship with bacteria and fungi, and that we bring to our table foods and beverages prepared by the magicians, not machines.

Sally Fallon, in her Foreword to Sandor Ellix Katz’s Wild Fermentation

It feels like going against the stream, yet finding the current in deeper waters; to flow in the right rhythm of living while being surrounded by instant stimulations and ‘solutions.’ My work with clay and ash glazes shares that mystery of alchemy, of being in ferment : I appreciate it anew every time I unload the kiln which has reached the temperature of 2400 Fahrenheit degrees, and then slowly cooled down over the length of two days.  It is with the moment of opening the door that I fully sense every complex quality.

In Ferment crocks are designed with a water-sealing trough that allows fermentation gasses to escape while preventing air from entering in. The ceramic weight stones keep the fermented vegetables submerged under the brine, which eliminates mold from accruing to spoil the process and the taste.

By letting the fermentation gases escape through the water, we also eliminate any sour smell. This enables us to place the ceramic crocks with their beautiful glaze in a visible spot in the kitchen to observe the live bacteria in action.

Sauerkraut is well known as one of the healthiest foods due to its natural Lactic Acid Bacteria, created by the fermenting process. They stimulate local and systemic immune responses and they maintain the integrity of the gut wall (flora). Fermented food is rich with minerals and vitamins C & K, which used to prevent Scurvy. Lactic Acid fermentation is the only means of preservation that retains all the natural ingredients while producing high quality, good taste and aroma.

You can ferment and pickle all kinds of vegetables, fruits and meat or a combination of these inside of In Ferment crocks, which we ship safely in a cushioned box.

My crocks have been approved by Richard Climenhage and Julie O’Brien the founders of Firefly Kitchens, and with whom I share events and sales.

For more information you can call, email or visit my studio (see contact info).

Brown, Flat top crock with Kimchi

Traditional Brown Crock 1 Gallon with Kimchi

Seashell Gallon size crock

Seashell Gallon size Crock

Seashell Fermenting Crock with kimchi

Seashell Crock 1 Gallon with kimchi

Sandor Katz with my traditional brown crock

Sandor Katz with my traditional brown crock


Water seal ceramic crock

Traditional Brown Crock 1 Gallon size

Crocks are available for purchase

They come in three glazes, all of which are very resilient, and dishwasher safe:

Seashell (has a sea shell look with its blue streaks)
Traditional Dark Brown (rich brown with its darker shades)
Stone White (white with black/brown spots)

Fermenting Crock


In Ferment water seal crocks

Seashell 1 Gallon size Crock

Open Seashell crock with weights inside

Open Seashell crock with weights inside

In Ferment water seal crocks

Seashell 3/4 Gallon size Crock

In Ferment water seal crocks

Seashell 1 Gallon size Crock






In Ferment water seal crocks

Seashell 1 Gallon size Crock